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Dino Storm Cheat v4.7

Dino Storm Cheat v4.7

Feb 18, 2013

Dino Storm Cheat v4.7 Cheat Tool

ahrbjps Dino Storm Cheat v4.7

Untitled Dino Storm Cheat v4.7

1. Download Cheat
2. Unzip it and open the file
3. Log in to your account at Dino Storm
4. Enter if you want to get Gold Coins and Dino Dollars
5. Mark on what browser you’re working
6. Enter your nickname and press generate
7. Wait until the program begins to work, and will add to your account Gold Coins and Dino Dollars

  • Version: Dino Storm
  • System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/ Mac OSX and Linux
  • Working Browsers: Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox and Opera

how to download Dino Storm Cheat v4.7

Step 1 : Click on Like Button then Click Confirm:

 Step 2 : After Both Step Click on Download Button Below

download now green Dino Storm Cheat v4.7(If you still can’t download the file just click server 2)

download now green Dino Storm Cheat v4.7

Does this tool Work ?

207 for YES

kv6Up Dino Storm Cheat v4.7

Dino Storm is played from a web browser with an action MMO set in an imaginary world, which forms an unusual combination of the Wild West, the American gold rush period and the era of dinosaurs. Player extensive world travels, reminiscent of the American prairie with a few dollars in his pocket and a handful of ammunition. However, in contrast to the classic westerns, the cowboy future does not use horses as a means of locomotion, but the prehistoric beasts, ranging from heavy triceratopsów until the tyranozaurach powerful ending.
Dino Storm gives you the opportunity to play in different ways. You can set up their own camps, outposts, and gold-bearing mines, to protect others from bands of criminals increasingly dangerous ride dinosaurs and perform all sorts of tasks ordered by the NPCs. Acquired items you can sell, and the earned money to get better equipment. Each alone to decide their own destiny, being able to remain a lonely cowboy join an existing band or form without minor problems your own.
For the best managers and cowboys opens the way to the top, as a function of the local sheriff. This allows you access to many advantages, such as better items and powerful dinosaurs.
The game is maintained in a colorful, three-dimensional graphical format. This style allowed the developer to reduce the hardware requirements and expand the audience.


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